wholesale purchases

Do you want to be a wholesaler THANK YOU?
Here we tell you...

To belong to one of our wholesale buyers you must make a minimum initial purchase of $3,000,000 COP the first month.

• You can make changes up to 30% of your total purchase within the next 30 calendar days. These start counting from the day the invoice is issued.

The average purchase that you must maintain in order not to lose your wholesale user once the initial investment is made is $1,000,000 COP per month from the second month.
• Once the initial payment is made and you become part of our wholesale buyers, GRACIES will provide you with all the graphic material so that you can use it on your social networks. This material must be used under the GRACIES brand standards and must not be shared.
• The value of the shipments of the products must be assumed by the wholesale buyer.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@gracies.com.co or on the WhatsApp line +57 3155151410